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Façade Solutions

Artefino offers the supply and construction of decorative façade solutions made of sustainable composite wood that does not require maintenance over the years. With its various product profiles, such as decorative beams and facade cladding, the company realizes both classic and designer and modern facade details of commercial and residential buildings, complexes and private houses.

Thanks to the composite material's resilience to weather changes, the profiles retain their pleasing woodgrain appearance without maintenance, making them a sensible choice for a façade solution for your building.

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Outdoor Furniture

The company's passion for detail and stylized products is the main guiding force behind the selection of our exterior facade and decking product offerings, which in 2022 we have added and built upon with the designer outdoor furniture of the globally distributed brand HIGOLDwhich trusts iconic designers such as PININFARINA for creating designs and functionality that impress with their uniqueness.


Decking Flooring

Artefino's composite wood decking contributes to achieving more comfort in your garden, veranda, terrace, around your pool or jacuzzi. They do not require annual maintenance with oils, they do not fade over time, they do not change colour significantly, they do not develop cracks and they are resistant to insects.

All this makes them the preferred product for styling pleasant relaxing corners in the outdoor spaces of your business building, complex, villa or home.
Artefino Mask 231010