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Artefino is focused in the supply and construction of sustainable composite timber beam facades and cladding.

Since its inception, the company has offered a wide range of exterior products to complement the facade solutions, such as decking, pergolas and fences, also made of composite wood, with the aim of creating complex stylized solutions.

In an effort to supply our customers with exterior products with a variety of applications, but in one style and class, we have added the globally renowned outdoor furniture brand to our product range in 2022. HIGOLD, attracted iconic designers such as the inimitable PININFARINA, CLAUDIO BELLINI and others.
Artefino Mask 231010

We work for your comfort

Our products provide water resistance, fire resistance, weather resistance, easy installation and very good mechanical properties. They also have a wide range of applications and are suitable for both interior and exterior solutions.

They can be applied directly on the façade or used as paving on the terrace, veranda, garden path, construction of platforms around pools, piers and various types of structures related to landscape architecture.

Artefino Mask 231010


Why Artefino

Without maintenance

Does not require painting or varnishing of the surface.

Natural appearance

Realistic wood grain pattern and rich colors.

Long life

It will not rot or splinter. It will give a stylish look.

Fully environmentally friendly

Without heavy elements and without harmful substances. Completely ecological.