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Openwork fence

165,69 лв.

* Цената е за квадратен метър при размери на паното ш.1800мм/ в.1800мм и включва всички елементи от алуминий и композитно дърво описани в таблицата.
* Височината на паното може да бъде по-ниска от 1800мм по желание на клиента.

The fence and railing systems we offer can be a combination of composite wood with aluminum, wrought iron and even glass. With the different fence panels and railings in combination with the facade cladding and flooring, a complete look for your building is achieved.

* The price is for a height of 1.8 m.
* The price per sq.m. at a height of 1.05 m. is 192.09 BGN excluding VAT/sq.m.
* Maximum panel size: 1800 mm x 1800 mm

Elements Dimensions (mm) Number Unit length (mm/pc)
Composite board AFF 02 90х24 15 1760
Column 80×80 1 2300
Side cover for column 26×14 1 1800
Rail 30×30 2 1720
Top cover for column 85×85×25 1 1
L-shaped retainer 51×46×24 4 1
Side cover pieces 26×14 28 1
Separator 50×50×5 28 1

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