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Фасадна греда AFB 5050

14,58 лв.16,77 лв.

* Prices are per linear meter without VAT

Decorative facade profiles made of composite wood are a suitable facade solution for creating a modern look where the beauty of the wood is the focus. Artefino's composite wood contains a high percentage of natural wood and fewer polymers, which make it resistant to temperature amplitudes, moisture, sun and insects, without any maintenance over the years.

Decorative profiles are widely used in the interior of your home or office - you can achieve a 3D vision of walls and ceilings, front wall cladding with the possibility of hidden lighting, lattice partition walls to separate different corners in large rooms, etc.

Application: Facade and interior
Type: Composite profile

Size: 50 mm x 50 mm
Length: 3 m (up to 5.5 m on request)

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