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Фасадна облицовка AFS-C 05

24,57 лв.

* Prices are per linear meter without VAT

Artefino's AFS C 05 composite wood cladding is used to achieve a ventilated façade. You can use it to decorate exterior walls as well as eaves and ceilings.

Thanks to the high percentage of natural wood contained in the material, the profile has a pleasant and warm look that adds style to your building.

When you touch it, you can feel the natural wood in it, although it is mixed with polymers that help to make the material resistant to aggressive changing weather conditions.

For the installation of the cladding, it is necessary to build a suspended facade structure in advance, which is desirable to install before the insulation.

PRICE per sq.m.: 158,50 BGN without VAT/sq.m.

Application: Façade cladding and eaves
Type: Composite board

Fatty: 23 mm
Width: 183 mm
Length: 3 m (up to 5.5 m on request)

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