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Фасадна облицовка AFS-C 08

19,47 лв.

* Prices are per linear meter without VAT

AFS - C08 and AFS - C07 composite wood cladding by Artefino are identical and differ only in the width of the profile. With both profiles you can achieve a ventilated façade.

This tiling model has no decorative joint and achieves a modern monolithic look.

At the same time, the product has the warm glow of natural wood, which is present in a large percentage in the material.

For the installation of the cladding, it is necessary to build a suspended facade structure in advance, which is desirable to install before the insulation.

PRICE per sq.m.: 155,74 BGN without VAT/sq.m.

Application: Façade cladding and eaves
Type: Composite board

Fatty: 21 mm
Width: 145 mm
Length: 3 m (up to 5.5 m on request)

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